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"Unmistakable.  The music and voice that emanates from Melissa Sandullo is soulful, powerful, and teeming with originality.  I can't stop listening!"

                         -Steven Potaczek

                          Producer, Hereafter Music

When I was a little girl, my grandpa would set up his video projector...the reel-to-reel kind...and show us home movies of when my mom and aunt were children. I loved the way the images would dance, wobbly and flickering, on the wall. Little pictures...glimpses of a life outside of my own, yet tethered to my heart, spliced together like a quilt. A Little Picture Show of memories, inviting me into a story.


Fairly recently, I've felt compelled to tell other people's stories. Stories I've heard, watched, read...stories that move me to joy, action, anger, heartache, laughter...stories that tether my heart to experiences outside of my own. Welcome to the picture show.


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